How to Buy Gold Stocks

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  2. January 3, 2013 12:03 am

How to Buy Gold Stocks

Many professional gold investors believe that owning individual shares of gold stock leads to bigger gains then owning actual gold. Some of the more well-known exchange traded funds that invest in large individual gold companies see 8 to 10 percent return on the fund annually. However, individual gold stocks are quite risky and they do mirror the price of gold for the most part.

How to Buy Individual Gold Stocks
There are two ways to look at the statement, “how to buy gold stocks.” First is defining the actual buying and selling process through the markets or how to invest in gold stocks for nice returns. Buying gold stock is no different than buying other stocks. You place buy or sell order with a broker and hope each transaction makes money. The difference between buying gold stock and buying physical gold is a gold stock is buying an interest in a company whereas buying physical gold is defined as buying a tangible asset, such as buying a certain amount of gold in ounces.

Investing in gold stocks for nice returns is the process of developing a trading strategy when buying and selling stock. Investors may look at fundamental analysis, technical analysis, company trends or the gold industry as a whole. This type of analysis is used when buying individual shares of a gold company or buying physical gold. Either investment requires some training and knowledge of the gold industry, so new investors must never dive right into gold investing.

Gold Stocks as Long-Term Investments
Professional investors use their investing mind set to answer this statement. Some are short-term investors, constantly moving in and out of gold stocks, while others are long-term investors hoping the stock produces gains year over year. However, the outlook for gold remains strong for long-term investors as gold prices remain at record levels.

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